It's been a time

Hey you all.
Long time since the last I wrote.
I don't have much to say to be honest.
I'm enjoying a raining day, thank GOD. Because I couldn't take the hot weather in here anymore.
40ºCelcius almost everyday. And I couldn't even go to the beach because I had a busy month.

That's it for now.

Missing Zac and Vanessa already =)

Kiss Kiss
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And the sun is coming out..Uhull!!
It means beach and surf.
Can't wait for tomorrow...!!!

Kisses and hug
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Does anyone heard about the Blackout in Brazil yesterday??

Oh my god almost 6 hours without light in the most important states of Brazil.

Myself, who live on Rio de Janeiro, was affected by it too.

The hypoteses about why this happened could go on and on..

All I know is that I'm happy it's over, I CAN'T live without light and I thank god for radio stations.. We understand their value in times like these. FOR REAL!

I'm rambling in here.. hehe

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My first time writing in here.
I won't say much because I just woke up.
Only wanted to say I can't stand this weather anymore. It's too hot.
I can't go to the beach today.

Just for those who don't know. I'm Justletmebreathe on a few foruns
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